Maintenance Plan

Maintenance Plans

Keep your generator working at full capacity

A generator maintenance visit will include making sure the battery system is in good order and that its terminals are clean and are making good contact with the battery. In addition, the generator’s instrumentation will be checked for accuracy, and the voltage and frequency are at their proper settings. A Change of oil will also be included in every plan. A complete check of the electrical system will include the engine and the integrity of all of its connections, including the flexibility of gas hoses and the wire insulation.

Generator Maintenance Kits

Kits to maintain your own generator

Regular maintenance is necessary for all standby generators, and our kits offer the do-it-yourselfer all of the materials to maintain his or her own generator. Our kits offer all the components necessary to perform a complete maintenance protocol on Generac air-cooled generators so you can keep your generator running at its best. Whether your equipment is air or liquid cooled, we have a variety of maintenance kits for all types of Generac generators. Your kit will include an oil filter, an air filter, spark plugs, an oil funnel, chamois, and a reminder sticker. The oil you will need to use in your generator will vary and will need to be purchased according to your individual generator’s specifications.


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