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Call us for your generator needs and learn more about our line of Generac generators. There are multiple generator solution options for both residential and small business use that can keep the power flowing even when your utility service is offline.

Why you need a generator

If your home’s electrical service is disrupted by bad weather, how long will it take for the power to be reestablished? When you have had a generator installed in your home, that concern is much less pressing. A standby generator will automatically start when its sensors detect a loss of utility power. A generator keeps necessary appliances on so for example, the food in your freezer or refrigerator will stay fresh and your sump pump will stay operational so a downpour can be diverted from flooding your home. If any family members have medical devices that require electricity to work, a generator can be the difference between staying at home or needing to be temporarily located to receive needed treatments. Above all, a generator gives you the peace of mind that you are prepared when inclement weather strikes.

Home Backup Generators

Installed residential generators can be the electrical lifeline for your home in the event of severe weather and the resulting extended power outage. Your home’s functionality as a safe haven will not be interrupted with full electrical available to your family.
  • PowerPact

    Automatically protecting what’s most important to homeowners.

  • Synergy

    Varied speed for quieter operation and improved fuel-efficiency.

  • EcoGen

    Solutions for off-the-grid homeowners.

  • Guardian Series

    Determines power loss automatically and kicks in within seconds.

  • Protector Series

    Diesel powered for more cost effective operation.

  • Home Backup Accessories

    Maximize convenience and simplify maintenance of your generator.

Business Standby Generators

Want to avoid suffering a loss of business due to a lack of electricity? We have generators for small to medium commercial use as well as small industrial applications.
  • Protector Series

    Determines power loss automatically and kicks in within seconds.

  • Commerical Series

    Capable of providing full power protection for commercial applications.

Portable Generators

Generators with portability add convenience to your preparedness wherever you go. Quality portable Generac generators are efficient, easy to use, and a flexible solution. In addition to providing backup power at home, a portable generator can be used to extend the enjoyment of outdoor activities.
  • iX Series

    Extra quiet units ideal for camping and tailgating.

  • HomeLink

    Capable of providing full power protection for large homes and commercial applications.

  • GP Series

    Affordable units in the widest range of power in the industry.

  • LP Series

    Breakthrough design in portable propane backup power.

  • XG Series

    User-friendly units ideal for home, event and job site use.

  • XP Series

    Engineered for the rigors of job site requirements.

  • Portable Generator Accessories

    Maximize convenience and simplify maintenance of your generator.


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