Our History founded Budget Electric Generators in 1988

A husband and wife master electrician team founded Budget Electric Generators in 1988 to provide quality electrical services to Southeast Michigan area residents. Originally run out of a small house, the couple used only quality products and provided flawless service that set their business apart. They took pride in the value they provided their customers, and the fledgling enterprise grew over the years through customer satisfaction and positive word of mouth.

Our Present still family owned and operated

Though bigger today, Budget Electric Generators is still family owned and operated and practices excellence in electrical and generator installation, maintenance, and repair. Full home electrical services, lighting and fixture installation and repair, appliance outlet and electronic circuitry installation and repair, and outdoor electrical services make up their large range of service offerings.

Both electrical and mechanical licensed professionals are employed by Budget Electric Generators, which allows us to ensure the high quality of repair and installation services involving gas piping by not having to rely on a subcontractor to do the work. We continually train our whole staff in the latest methods and regulations and take refresher courses in order to provide our customers with effectiveness, efficiency, and safety.

Our Future full-service company offering sales, service, and installation

Over 30 years after its founding, Budget Electric Generators does not only rely solely on its past successes, rather, we take inspiration from them to provide innovative solutions for our customers based on the latest technology and practices. We are a full-service company offering sales, service, and installation of generators and all home electrical services both indoors and out. We plan to be here when you need us now and in the future, providing safety, peace of mind, and the best functionality possible for you and your home. We value the loyalty and support of our thousands of customers and are looking forward to serving thousands more with our blend of expertise, quality, honesty, and integrity.


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